ItsthePACE was born in Toronto, Canada. His music and flow are completely original and he truly has his own sound. ItsthePACE is currently working on his album called "Perceptions" that will be released soon.  

"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it's realistic or not" Deepak Chopra  

The majority of ItsthePACE's family was within the prostitution business across Canada. His father was a pimp and he grew up in and around Regent Park, Parkdale, and Scarborough. As a kid, he was shipped around to multiple relatives across Canada from Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Alberta and then back to Toronto. Pace grew up in a violent environment and experienced some very traumatic situations before the age of 10.  

Pace has been using his music to express different perception he had growing up and introduces listeners to a glimpse into his world. From having multiple occasions where he had almost lost his life to finally infiltrating corporate sales and developing as an entrepreneur, he has much to say.  

ItsthePACE has been spending all his time finishing up his debut album "Perceptions", which catalogs the different perceptions he had growing up. Subscribe to his newsletter to get first access to all the latest news. 

ItsthePACE grew up in a multi-cultural family. He has lived in Toronto for most of his life but his family is Scotian. His father is mixed with Jamaican, Native and Spanish, while his mother is Irish and Scottish.

ItsthePACE grew up in a multi-cultural family. He has lived in Toronto for most of his life but his family is Scotian. His father is mixed with Jamaican, Native and Spanish, while his mother is Irish and Scottish.

The Legendary Journey 

ItsthePACE: The Legendary Journey 

By Steven Marshall



How does an epic journey begin? 

When is the first shot of battle fired? 

The only way to understand the lack of options on the street is to immerse yourself in it. There are plastic rappers who enjoy pretending they never lived wholesome, middle-class childhoods. 

ItsthePACE is no such creature; his war for success has always been a running battle; one that began at a young age fighting to protect his siblings from a war without end. Outgunned on all sides from drug-pushers, alcoholics and prostitution rings, he quickly identified the only exit was to man-up and drag his brothers from the battlefield to salvation. 

And all through the pain and violence, music kept ItsthePACE sane. It spoke to him from an early age. He could feel the beat of the streets flowing through his blood and he was eager to explore artistic avenues. Still, the money he and his family needed to survive was elusive, and the necessity to deal or jack was never far behind. The streets consumed him like everyone else and he was cut up in all of it for years. The shadow of Pace's former life loomed large with its promise of easy money. Like the old saying goes: "You be cool for twenty hours and I'll pay ya twenty grand." 

It was soon apparent that while his passion for music burned white-hot, Pace was far from ready. The dream that he hungered for was premature. 

The painful truth consumed him... if he couldn't find a legitimate way to pay the wolves, Pace would either die in a hail of gunfire, or rot in jail. 

But even the skills learned in the gutter can help a ghetto warrior survive when their back is against the fire. By chance, Pace found a new battleground on which to excel; one almost as cut-throat as the street where the spoils were just as rewarding. 

Corporate Sales. 

With zero experience and only his savvy survival skills, Pace soon evolved into the deadliest shark in the pool, hustling everything from software to high profile promotional products. His climb upon the corporate ladder was legendary and Pace was the hottest commodity in the game. Admired by men and adored by women, doors opened in quick succession and Pace rose through the ranks from Sales Rep to Director of Sales. 

But destiny called once more. 

While his body enjoyed the money, his heart and soul still yearned for music. And when he had learned all he could about the Sales Universe, Pace knew it was time to give one more shot at fueling his spirit, lest he die trying. 


To Be Continued

The Pace Process  

The Pace Process 

By Steven Marshall 

True genius, it is said, takes a degree of insanity. This is never truer than with artists; be they painters, writers or musicians. Every artist’s creative process spikes erratically, so asking a creator to zero in on the kerosene of their inferno can be a touchy subject. 

Naturally, I was apprehensive to question ItsthePACE; this is not a guy you want to offend. The simmer in his eyes, the stance... this writer is often reminded of a cobra poised to strike. You can imagine my surprise when he opened quite freely. 

“The process is always the same. It starts off with the beat. I sit down and listen to a wide range of production until something resonates. It's a feeling you get. The fun part is expressing the feeling into music. There are times I hear something, and it reminds me of my childhood...” 

Given the intensity of pain and struggle in Pace’s childhood years, it’s easy to understand where some of the darker lyrics from Perceptions tracks come from. But ItsthePACE is not one to linger on the negative, and the interview continues on an upbeat note. 

“Sometimes I feel like jamming out in a club or maybe even something more inspirational. Then I start writing the first verse. Once the first verse is done I'll either finish it with a 2nd verse then hook, or I might table it for now and come back to it another time. It depends on the feeling. If I'm really in the zone I can easily do an entire track within 15 minutes.” 

“15 minutes. I thought only Stephen King worked that fast.” 

Pace, clearly well-read, laughs at the joke. 

“Other times I'm too excited to work on another production that I have sitting around. So I’ve got like forty-five recent songs written with just one verse because I was excited to push forward with another song. I’m trying to fix this approach though. Ideally, I’ll commit to a song and finish writing it, then wrap it up. 

But one thing I do the second I finish writing, I record a voice note on my phone so I don’t forget the way I’m flowing on it. So, when it’s time to record, I remember how I approached it...” 


He’s done it before; he’ll do it again. 

He is doing it, right now. 

Perceptions drops soon!

One-on-One With ItsthePACE 

One-On-One With ItsthePACE 

By Steven Marshall 

ItsthePACE is the epitome of dynamic. Having such a diverse character and energy, it’s hard to know which version of the man you’ll see from hour to hour. Thankfully he was game for some open chat (and a dash of silliness) when I caught up with him at the studio. 

Steve: Your new single "Stack Em Up" is a lot more upbeat and playful that some of what we're used to from you. What can you tell us about the track? 

ItsthePACE: This record was fun to do. One of those bouncy records that you can pull out your two-step on. I'm a big fan of dancing myself, I've never been someone that just post up on the wall when I'm at a club. I'm that guy bubbling with the baddest chick on the dance floor. So this track Stack Em Up, is just the beginning of a lot more upbeat songs coming down the pipeline. I got a lot of reggae and afro beats inspired tracks coming soon. 

Steve: What your fans may not know; you're a big Sci-Fi/Action movie junkie. What superhero do you most identify with and why? 

ItsthePACE: I like them all! I've been following Marvel since the jump, so it's really exciting to see them all on the big screen. If I had to pick a top three, it would be Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Though, I'm excited to see Captain Marvel and what she is going to bring to the table. Wonder woman is also in my top 20. 

Steve: Dogs or Cats? 

ItsthePACE: I love dogs because they’re pure. There are no games about them. They tell you how they feel when they feel it, that's how life is supposed to be. I can wrestle around and play with dogs for hours and never get tired. 

Steve: You have access to a time machine for a day. Where are you going? What year? And why? 

ItsthePACE: I would go back to the time of the 300 Spartans. I love that period. The dedication Spartans had as a war culture is phenomenal. All the war strategies and rawness of it. I would love to be present during all those wars. You get a sword and shield, go prove how badly you want it. Survive or die. 

Steve: Which dead rapper would you most like to go for beers with? 

ItsthePACE: Biggie was one of my favs. Life after Death was on repeat for the longest time when I was younger. To sit and have a beer with Biggie would be lit. I considered biggie as a swag rapper; he really had that flow that got you bouncing your head. 

Steve: What is the first teenage memory that comes to mind when you think of good times? 

ItsthePACE: When I moved out. I was about 15 or 16 and decided to live on my own and that was a great ride. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. It was a blast. I was still going to high school and held some of the most epic house parties. 

Steve: Who would win in a gunfight between you and Han Solo? 

ItsthePACE: Chewbacca, you know that mofo would sneak in a crossbow shot from who knows where that sneaky bastard. 

Steve: Let's talk about the future of music. Has it really "all been done"? Or do you think the best is yet to come? 

ItsthePACE: Music is in a great place. Back in the day, in order to become a producer, you needed to spend a lot of money on the equipment, which most people didn't have, hence you had a limited number of music producers with their own sound and style. Now because of the limitation, you really had to be a good lyricist to even get a remote chance of rapping on a record. So if you think about it, the resource pool of rappers and producers was quite small. I feel the evolution of music was much slower because of this. Fast-forward and anyone with a computer can be a producer, which is amazing. There is so much more variety to draw inspiration from. I love the direction music's going in and I'm excited to be a part of that evolution. 

Steve: Aside from yourself, who do you think is the most exciting musical talent right now? 

ItsthePACE: Drake by a landslide. He can do it all. The versatility he has and his ability to pay attention to the landscape of the music industry, it's genius. Haters that are trying to say he’s stealing peoples flow... what he’s doing, is paying attention to any shift in the industry and adjusting. That is smart business. If you have a company, and your competition is coming out with a new feature, or capability, you either adapt or die. Always be re-inventing yourself and staying ahead of the curve. 

Steve: The worlds in a rough place. What can we all do differently to help? 

ItsthePACE: Have self-worth. That's the most important thing we can do. If you’re true to yourself, you can be genuine to other people. Don't let opinions of others dictate who you are. Have empathy and understand everyone is tripping and stumbling trying to figure out this thing called life. Take your dreams and goals seriously, but don't take life too seriously. Have fun, fail forward and challenge yourself to be better. Do what you would do for free and you will find happiness. 

Steve: Action movie heroes Vs action movie villains... which are cooler? 

ItsthePACE: Action movie villains. Depending on the movie I will cheer for the villain. Anybody can get touched and shizzit can go south anytime because that's real life. All of us try to be the hero, but during that process, we become the villain and don't realize it until much later. 

Steve: Thank you, ItsthePACE

The Pace Story... 

The Canadian music scene gets a bionic-upgrade in 2018 as itsthePACE, Toronto’s newest Hip-Hop commando, smashes onto the battleground and seizes urban culture by the throat. 

After a decade of war-room strategy, rap’s most vital voice is poised to nuke the landscape with his debut album "Perceptions". A Molotov Cocktail of versatility infused with post-millennial rage, Perceptions is a call to arms; Pace’s has been planning for a very long time for what’s about to happen. 

With his opening singles, Stack Em Up and Rapper ItsthePACE sears the unwary with an inferno of past agony; a childhood surrounded by violence, drugs and family business of prostitution. Yet it’s how he dealt with adversity that makes ItsthePACE unstoppable. He experienced all levels of hardship and proved that anyone can accomplish whatever they put their mind too. ItsthePACE has warred through an upbringing that should have left him another statistic of his environment yet he pushed forward. 

But there is always hope outside the echoes of battle and what truly makes Perceptions so vital is the infusion of positivity. ItsthePACE may well be Judge, Jury and the Predator, but his music is the soundtrack for a jilted generation; an assurance that beyond each ghetto and gang there is justice and life-after-theft for those with the guts to choke-out their demon and sneer in its face. 

Perceptions is currently scheduled for release in January. Following this release Pace will embark on a Canadian tour.

Let battle commence. It’s time to pick a side and take on prisoners. 

Are you ready to keep the Pace…?